Blood of Pioneers, by Michelle Isenhoff

BloodOfPioneers_cover_600x900Divided Decade Trilogy, Book Two

Hannah Wallace would like nothing better than to escape the tedium and never-ending work of the family farm.  She feels lost among so many siblings and haunted by the memory of a brother that Pa wanted more than he wanted her.  She needs a chance to set herself apart, but nothing exciting ever happens in Wayland.

When war breaks out between the states, her father and brother leave to fight, but the army isn’t open to twelve-year-old girls. All the local dangers dried up years ago–soon after her parents unloaded their wagon on Michigan’s fast-filling frontier. Then the farm is threatened, and the one place she longs to leave becomes the one place she’ll risk everything to save. 

Blood of Pioneers introduces a new heroine but contains a continuing thread of characters. This novel was previously titled Broken Ladders.

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