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Beneath the Slashings Blog Tour

To celebrate the August 2012 release of my middle grade novel, Beneath the Slashings, I put together a pretty awesome blog tour. Now that it’s over, I reshuffled this post a bit. I’ve condensed all the links into a single, cohesive list below, just in case you missed any. If you’re unfamiliar with the book or the Divided Decade Trilogy, here’s a link to some great info. Or if you’d rather, you can hear me talk about the series in this video.

Here’s where to find it:


And here are the tour links:

Tour stop #1 This Kid Reviews Books

Tour stop #2 The Secret Files of DMS Fairday

Tour stop #3 Mom Loves 2 Read

Tour stop #5 DMS Fairday

Tour stop #6 Comfort Books

Tour stop #7 The True Book Addict

Tour stop #8 Putting Pen to Paper

Tour stop #9 Abigail Boyd’s Blog

Tour stop #10  Write Now

Tour stop #11 Buried in Books

Tour stop #12 DMS Fairday

Tour stop #13 This Kid Reviews Books

Tour stop #14 The Crooked Word

Tour stop #15 Maggie’s Corner

Tour stop #16 Children’s Books Heal

Tour stop #17 The Readers and Writers Paradise

Tour stop #18 Middle Grade Fiction Finder

Tour stop #19 Chat With Vera

Tour stop #20 Flying Turtle

Tour stop #21 Geo Librarian

Tour stop #22 The Book Reaper (book 1)

Tour stop #23 The Creative Penn

Tour stop #24 The Book Reaper (book 2)

Tour stop #25 Bookworm Blather

Tour stop #26 The Book Reaper (book 3)

Tour stop #27 Disencentive Reviews

Tour stop #28 The Girl Named Jack

Tour stop #29  Bookworm Blather

Tour stop #30 Ebook Endeavors

Beneath the Slashings Blog Tour

12 thoughts on “Beneath the Slashings Blog Tour

  1. Congrats! You must be so excited. Can’t wait to check out some of the tour stops. We are so excited to have our review of Beneath the Slashings up on our blog today. Wishing you much success!

  2. YAYYYYY!!!! *stomping and cheering and waving madly* 😉 I like the video! It was almost if I was right there in person (although it would be awesome if I actually met you in person!!!)! Keep on writing!! 😀

    1. Thanks, Erik! It got a little long, but it answers a lot of questions I’ve been asked.
      I’d love to meet you in person, too! Front porch and all that… 🙂

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