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Tour Stop 30 – Friday Freebie Guest Post

This is it! Β The last day of the tour!
To wrap things up, I’ve evaluated whether or not a blog tour is worth the effort over on the extremely helpful blog of author Lindsay Buroker. (I never miss it!) It’s today’s regular Friday Freebie post, just located elsewhere. Β (It’s not up yet at 8:00 am, but it’s coming this morning, really!)
Reminder: If you haven’t gotten a copy of the book all the fuss has been about, today is your last day to get Beneath the Slashings for .99. Tomorrow it jumps to 2.99.
One more reminder: Tomorrow I draw a winner for the Amazon gift card. Every Divided Decade review left on Amazon during the month of August is an entry. You still have time to post!
Thanks for sticking with me this month, and thanks to all participants for your help.

It’s been freaking awesome!

Tour Stop 30 – Friday Freebie Guest Post

10 thoughts on “Tour Stop 30 – Friday Freebie Guest Post

    1. Aw, thanks, Erik. πŸ™‚
      Actually, I do have a new book scheduled to release in November, but if I do a tour, it will only be a week or ten days. This has been a LOT of work! I’ll send you an ARC when it’s ready. Previews soon!

  1. I loved you blog tour. Especially enjoyed the variety like the interview with Hannah, the story yesterday about lumber camps. Very well–planned tour with a lot of balance. At some point, I hope to review the final books. Hope you sell a lot of books!

  2. Great to hear your comments on the blog tour. It does seem like a lot of work. I am sure there will be long term benefits as well. You are a very hardworking writer and I applaud your efforts.

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