Michelle Isenhoff

Year: 2012

Out of the Dust, by Karen Hesse, 1997, Book Review

I’ve been slowly picking away at the list of Newbery winners. The medal is a sign of skill and quality, the best book of the year, and usually I enjoy them. But not always. I didn’t care for Out of the Dust simply because it doesn’t follow a traditional story format; it’s a collection of […]

A Single Shard, by Linda Sue Park, 2001, Book Review

I had the vague feeling that I read this book before. I remembered bits and pieces, and some settings I recalled quite strongly. The characters were sort of like those familiar faces you run into now and then and know you should place them but they elude you till you stop and ask. I guess […]

A Bailey Update

The word “cancer” has become part of our vocabulary around here. My husband and kids are aware of the situation now and everyone’s dealing okay–Bailey best of all. She went back to the vet yesterday to get her stitches out and she’s romping around like nothing ever happened. Of course we know there are still […]

The Lemonade War, by Jacqueline Davies, 2007

This was a short, easy read, and it just so happens I read it over Labor Day weekend, which is when this book takes place. Evan Treski is about to start fourth grade. Then the week before the year begins a letter comes in the mail. His summer is ruined! His school year is ruined! […]


If you’ve clicked on Bailey’s image in my sidebar, chances are you heard about her fight with cancer. If not, you can catch up here. I’ve kept a running list of posts as they appeared because they get buried quickly. They Say Bad Luck Comes in Sets of Three A Bailey Update To Amputate or […]

The Bloody Jack Adventures, by L. A. Meyer, Series Review

I’m doing something a little different today. Instead of reviewing a single book, I’m going to highlight an entire series. This is because I started the series well before I started my blog and I just read book six. Since I never reviewed one through five, and I have no intention of rereading them right […]

The Accidental Hero (A Jack Blank Adventure, book one), by Matt Myklousch, 2010, Book Review

This book was recommended to me by Erik, from ThisKidReviewsBooks. In fact, he reviewed it in a guest post here on my blog. This summer, when he reviewed the sequel on his blog, I decided book one might be a great read-aloud to start out my son’s homeschool year. Erik assured me he would love […]

They Say Bad Luck Comes in Sets of Three

I have to warn you, this post isn’t about books.  It’s very personal.  I feel like I have a small family out in Blogland that is safe and removed my everyday life, and right now I really need a little support from you guys.  2012 has shaped up to be a rather difficult year. First, […]

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