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It's Bailey's One Month Ampuversary

Bailey  has now been a tri-pawed for one month. She’s 100% back to normal with the exception of having short hair on her rump. Her dual-length fur sort of resembles buffalo hide.
She had some swelling issues over Christmas when, of course, every vet was closed for four days in a row. The solution? Apply pressure. We just had to wrap her up in an Ace bandage a few hours a day. She’s now completely healed. Her skin is tight and white, her incision is flat and smooth, and a fuzz of new fur is covering everything. And she’s skinny!
Bailey can do absolutely everything she did before. She jumps in the car. She jumps onto my bed. She’s been walking with me for up to a mile and a half. She chases the kids when they sled behind the quad. And it’s a wonderful thing to see her forget her handicap and go charging off after one of her doggy friends. I am amazed and very, very pleased. Great job, Bailey!

Doesn't look too rough, does it?
Doesn’t look too rough, does it?

It's Bailey's One Month Ampuversary

9 thoughts on “It's Bailey's One Month Ampuversary

  1. Aaah, Bailey. Dogs are so awesome. I remember my dog would bump his head or do something else that looked like it hurt and he would immediately bounce back and want to play. We can learn a lot from dogs:) Glad she is doing well.

  2. Glad Bailey is doing so well! Mama and breath more easily.
    By the way, I finished Song of the Mountain. I loved it and couldn’t put it down — had to because of many activites and guests — but read late at night. Didn’t want it to end, and wanted to know more. But you eding is a satisfying ending with some twists. I think you did an excellent job stepping outside of your comfort zone.

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