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Seymour Finney Barn

finneybarnSeymour Finney was a Detroit innkeeper and a “conductor” on the Underground Railroad. He hid runaways in his barn, pictured at left and below–often while housing the slavecatchers in his hotel! The barn stood on the NE corner of State and Griswold Streets. There is a historical marker placed at that site that reads:
“Seymour Finney conducted one of the principal passenger depots of the underground railroad in the Detroit area. Finney, a tailor by trade, later became a hotel-keeper, and it was in this capacity that he assisted fugitive slaves in the era prior to 1861. In 1850 he purchased a site where in later years stood the Finney Hotel, and also erected a large barn which he operated along with his tavern. Strongly sympathetic to the abolitionist cause, Finney employed every means to assist escaping slaves across the river into Canada. Detroit was one of the most important “stations” en route to Canada; if a fugitive reached this city, he was comparatively safe. Finney Barn served as a hiding-place for runaways until they could reach the river bank and freedom.”

Seymour Finney Barn

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