Michelle Isenhoff

Month: March 2014

Our Homeschool Project–A Story Where You Choose the Plot!

Remember those Choose Your Own Adventure stories we all loved as kids? This winter my two boys, we call them M-Man and T-Man online, have been hard at work writing a story in which readers can make their own crucial choices. It was about a 6-week project, and for a pair of elementary-aged low readers, […]

Character Book Club–With Tomato and Pea

Shhhh… Taylor Davis here. Yep, Taylor of Flame of Findul fame. Since today is Character Book Club over at The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow and Mrs. Isenhoff is busy homeschooling, I thought it was a perfect time to hijack her blog and sneak in an interview with wonder Smidges, Tomato and Pea. You may have seen their interview with me last month. The […]

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