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Mom's bragging rights

Sunday I had the priviledge of helping my daughter publish her first book. It was a high school creative writing assignment that the teacher strongly encouraged her to “try to get published.” Well, I know a little something about that. My only stipulation–she had to use a pen name.
So over the weekend I taught her how to format her manuscript and helped her create a cover image. Then we set up her account and got it uploaded, categorized, and priced. Monday morning she woke up and there it was on Amazon! She brought her Kindle to show her teacher. She was absolutely beaming!
The story itself is pretty clever. It ties inΒ The Wizard of OzΒ and has a few twists I didn’t see coming. (She was very secretive while writing.) It was so much fun to watch her pouring over its creation and thrilling over its publication. She has a gift for writing. I think this won’t be the last work we see from her.

Here’s the blurb:Β Kira did not want to move into her grandmother’s house and leave the life she knew. However, things get interesting when the new groundskeeper starts dropping hints about a mysterious emerald pendant. But who is Darren Cooper anyway? And what secret is he hiding?

You can check it out on Amazon if you’re so inclined. It’s 33 pages long and priced at only .99.


Mom's bragging rights

10 thoughts on “Mom's bragging rights

  1. WOW — you are some Mom! Your daughter must be thrilled to see it in print. Sounds like a lot of talent in your family! Wish I had a mother like you.

  2. You must be so proud. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree in your family. I’m sure this is just the first of many publications for Rae Bailey!

  3. Great, I ordered it for my kindle today. I am looking forward to reading it. Way to go! Congratulations!

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