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The Flying Burgowski, by Gretchen Wing

the flying burgowskiThis is another book I picked up because I had met the author and I was intrigued. I’d read many of Gretchen’s blog posts and found her writing clear, concise, and fluid, so I took a chance on her book without her knowing it. It took me several days to read because of a crazy schedule, but if I’d had the time, this could have easily been one of those all-in-one-sitting books. I couldn’t wait to return to it each evening.
I’m going to cheat a bit and grab the blurb from Amazon, then I’ll add some thoughts at the end.
On beautiful Dalby Island in Washington, Jocelyn Burgowski is turning fourteen and life is starting to suck. Her divorced mom’s an alcoholic. Her beloved dad just re-married—to the town librarian, of all people—and her older brother is a butt. Only Jocelyn’s flying dreams keep her going: they seem so real! Then, on her birthday, those dreams come true. Jocelyn flies. Really. Learning her new powers in secret, Joss revels in the freedom we all long for. But when her brother gets in trouble, he and Jocelyn are abruptly bundled off to live with Mom. Now Jocelyn is faced with a choice: must she sacrifice her powers to save her mom? Does The Flying Burgowski have the strength to heal the damage caused by secrets of the past?
Gretchen has a natural talent—a very distinctive voice, great timing and a good punch, creative imagery, and a super sense of humor. I absolutely loved the story. And I have to admit, I didn’t see the ending coming. I do want to give moms a content advisory: there is quite a bit of mild language and some teen subject matter. The issue of a mother who just doesn’t have her life together is very appropriately handled. The best part, however, aside from some pretty great images—my favorite, you know—is Joss’s discovery of her incredible gift of flying. This is a sensitive and imaginative tale of one girl’s struggle to deal with the junk she’s been handed by life.
Grab The Flying Burgowski for just 2.99.

The Flying Burgowski, by Gretchen Wing

9 thoughts on “The Flying Burgowski, by Gretchen Wing

  1. I like the intriguing cover and the title. And even though I’m not a mom, I appreciate the advisory as it helps when I recommend it to others. Thanks for featuring.

  2. This does sound intriguing–I like the juxtaposition of the real life issues with the magic. And as a mom, thanks for the warning. 🙂

    1. It’s tremendously engaging. But everyone makes their own judgement on content, and my readers tend to be conservative, so I throw it out there. I would let my high school daughter read it, but not my pre-teen sons.

  3. I would like this story, because I am obsessed with my own flying dreams. They are always powerful and beautiful and feel real. For me they represent freedom. This book would be a treat!

    1. That’s cool, Pat! You should grab this one if you’ve got time in your schedule. I know it’s in paperback on Amazon. The story is quite involved and woven together well.
      I’ve dreamed once or twice that I could fly. Usually, however, I’m trying to catch the bus I just missed, fiddling with a locker combination I can’t remember, or desperately trying to recall the next class on my schedule. Once I even showed up to my old job only to find out I had to wait tables with fruit on my head. 🙂

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