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Reading Rocks in Rockford

With my kids-at-home schedule, I haven’t been doing author events very often the past two years, but the one in Rockford, MI was fun last year. And it’s free. And my friend and fellow Emblazoner Lisa Orchard lives there. So what the heck. I participated again this year. I even brought my boys, T. Man and M. Man, who co-authored a choose-your-own adventure type story for a homeschool project this year.
gordonPart of the fun of author events is meeting all the wonderful writers. Today was no exception. I had the pleasure of sitting near the delightful Peggy House again this year. She has a picture book called Junk Food Gordon that my boy got a kick out of. It features a seagull who eats McDonald’s fries and encourages kids to make good snack choices. (Click on Peggy’s name for ordering info. She’s got lesson plans!) 
I also met four ladies from the Cadillac area who traveled a couple hours to get the event. I spoke to one of them at length, along with her husband–very interesting folks–but I forgot to get her card, and I’ll be dipped if I can remember her name. She was a college language professor who owned an international travel company after she retired from academia. Her book, which releases later in June, is all about locating and vacationing in renovated castles and historic buildings in Europe for cheap. I didn’t even know there were organizations that did that! What a cool way to keep history alive and fund the renovation projects. I’m going to have to do try to dig that one up. It sounded fascinating.
stricklen 1stricklen 2I also spoke with author David Stricklen, whom I didn’t place right away, but I do think I met him last year. He has a third book releasing in his Blackwater Pond series very soon. Looked like a good one for the 6th-8th grade market. Love these cover images! And listen to this awesome idea: He makes up tatoos of the artwork in his book and gives them out. What a novel advertising idea!
secret of mermaid islandI met author Judith Wade for the first time today. Sat right next to her. She’s written several underwater adventures for kids that look to be in the 5th-7th age group. Again, I love the colors in this image! (The cover looks blurred here, but it’s crystal clear on the book.) Judith gave me one of her books to read and review, which I’m looking forward to doing, but I haven’t perused it closely yet. (I’m actually getting behind–meeting too many great authors lately!) I plan to read it over the Fourth of July, so you can look for that review later this summer.
spirit questAnd finally, I met a young lady named Katie Cruickshank who has just written her first novel. Katie couldn’t have been older than high school, so that was pretty cool! She was there with her dad. I didn’t have much opportunity to speak with her, but I was duly impressed. Check out this beautiful cover! (Is it just me, or is this not a fabulous collection of cover art?)
And finally, I just loved all the interaction with kids. What a neat bunch of readers! And thanks so much to the two tween boys who accepted copies of Taylor Davis today. They’re going to read it and leave an honest review on Amazon for me and then pass the book on to more readers who will read and review and pass it on to more readers. And any of them who email me may request a digital copy of book two. A very fun (and inexpensive for them and me!) way to get Taylor into the hands of tweens!
What a fun and happy day. 🙂

Reading Rocks in Rockford

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  1. What a fun author event. And, I think it is cool you took your sons. Did you take their book too? Did they get a sense of what it was like to be an author? Looks like you met some fun authors and good books for your boys.

    1. It got long, but yes, my boys came along with their book and got lots and lots of accolades. But most people didn’t buy, just praised them. They did sell three copies, two of which went to other authors who were there selling. It was pretty cool. I did get a couple books for us, too. Love meeting everyone!

    1. Amen! But I’m trying really, really hard this summer to put my own manuscript first. So far, pretty good. This one requires a lot of research, though (another historical fiction), so it’s much slower going than my last four projects.

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