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What Dreams May Come, by Beth Honeycutt

what dreams may comeI read and reviewed What Dreams May Come at the request of the author, whom I had met online through the Clean Indie Reads group this past spring. I really enjoyed it! As an afterthought, I realized it would also be totally appropriate to feature here on Bookworm Blather.
I was a little hesitant to pick this one up. My regular readers have probably already figured out that I rarely read romance. Usually they’re too heavy on the smexy or they contain so much sappy mush that I’m gagging by the end—if I make it that far. This one is delightful sweet. And the paranormal adds a nice bit of creativity.
But I was especially appreciative of the prose. It’s smooth, readable, and just a little snarky. Ms. Honeycut has a style that is quite literary in nature, with lots of great word pictures and comparisons. I really enjoyed that. And the voice stays upbeat, even when the heroine is struggling with some heavy issues. There were times I wanted to shake the lead character and tell her to buck up, or I’d roll my eyes a bit at one of the more gushy scenes, but I kept on because I just plain liked the story. Kudos to a very fine writing style.
The editing is excellent, and the language and content are clean and innocent…so that I passed this one along to my teen daughter. A sweet and delightful YA paranormal. Ages 13+

What Dreams May Come, by Beth Honeycutt

6 thoughts on “What Dreams May Come, by Beth Honeycutt

  1. I’m chukling over your “smexy” comment. That’s a new one for me. Beth’s book sounds very appropriate and intriguing for a tween/teen. You wrote a very thorough review, but said little about the story line. What’s the major theme? Is it just a teen romance story? 🙂

    1. Oh, sorry. This was originally written as an Amazon review, where every other reviewer summarized the story, so I stuck to my personal reactions instead. Storyline: Teenager Allie Cross has been dreaming of the perfect man all her life. Literally. She had some challenges she really struggled with, but when life sucked, she’d dream of the same boy every time. Though he’s not real, he’s become her confidante and best friend, her help in time of need. And then a young man with very familiar green eyes shows up at school… It’s very predictable, but it’s sweet, and the writing style is very engaging.

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