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Action Kids' Club, by Lydia Howe

I have a guest post and blog tour stop for you today from Lydia Howe, aka Aidyl Ewoh, author of the Action Kids Series. Make sure you don’t miss the link to Lydia’s Rafflecopter giveaway. My freebie blog won’t let me embed the actual contest, so I made the link to it big and red. 🙂 And now, take it away Lydia…!

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Back Cover Blurb:

Twelve-year-old Olivia Hall’s dream of a friends’ club ends when she finds out her family is moving. Her parents assure her it’s a good thing, opening a new world of possibilities for the Halls. But going from ‘miss popular’ to ‘the new girl’ won’t be easy, and Olivia is not convinced.
Soon she begins to realize that although her life has suddenly changed, there’s plenty of adventure to keep her on her toes. From making new friends at Forward Focus, to hanging out at the world-renowned Kids Zone, to meeting the curious head chef, she discovers that there’s much more to life – and her new surroundings – than she ever imagined. How will she make the most of these new opportunities? Or will she let them slip away?


Welcome, Friends!

This is the 8th stop in the Action Kids blog tour celebrating the release of the first book in the series, Action Kids’ Club. Yea! Thank you so much for celebrating with me! Read the last post in the tour at this blog and enter to win a pretty amazing giveaway.

The answer to yesterday’s quote puzzle is:

Adversity causes some people to break; others to break records. -William A Ward

For Today:

John Maxwell. Chances are you’ve heard that name before. Leadership expert, author of more than 70 non-fiction books with sales ranking up in the twenty millions. Speaker and guest to the elite.
I think I was 15 when I read my first book by him and 17 when I saw him in person for the first time. I was 18 (and the youngest person there!) when I went through his classes to become a certified John Maxwell Coach. I was also 18 when I was privileged to join a group of his other coaches at his house and get a tour of his office.
It was during the time I was taking the classes that I began brainstorming the idea of using success/self-development principles to write a fun series of books for kids. Over the next four years the idea was honed, ran into huge roadblocks, started over, narrowed down, worked on and finally… On November 10th, 2014 I released my very first Action Kids book. I’m thrilled, excited, enthusiastic and a firm believer in the series.
Ok, so you might be asking what’s so special about reading books on self-development? I’m here to tell you it’s life changing. There is no way everyone can learn all they need to on their own, so why not let other people’s experiences help you out? Instead of having to wade through the ocean of life on my own, I can pull from other people’s lives to help me grow. I can read out how important goals are, how time management works, the benefit of a healthy lifestyle and the necessity of a good attitude instead of having to learn through my own mistakes.
I know I’ve been given a huge head start in life because of my parents teaching me success principles from a young age and I want to help other kids have that same head start. I’m excited about this venture and I’m hoping y’all will join in and explore success with me!


To help you get started, I’m really excited to announce that y’all have the chance to win John Maxwell’s book The 360 Degree Leader. While this book is valued at almost $20, the information you’ll discover in it’s pages is invaluable. And, just to make it even more exciting, we got this copy of the book signed by John Maxwell!
(Sorry but the giveaway prizes can only be sent to address in the USA!)

Here is the link to enter the Rafflecopter giveaway!

About The 360 Degree Leader:

Don’t wait for that promotion! Start leading NOW…right where you are!
What’s the number one question leadership expert John C.Maxwell is asked while conducting his leadership conferences? “How can I implement what you teach when I’m not the top leader?”. Is it possible to lead well when you’re not the top dog? How about if the person you work for is a bad leader? The answer is a resounding yes!
Welcome to The 360° Leader. People who desire to lead from the middle of organizations face unique challenges. And they are often held back by myths that prevent them from developing their influence. Dr. Maxwell,one of the globe’s most trusted leadership mentors, debunks the myths, shows you how to overcome the challenges, and teaches you the skills you need to become a 360° leader.
If you have found yourself trying to lead from the middle of the organization, as the vast majority of professionals do, then you needMaxwell’s insights. You have a unique opportunity to exercise influence in all directions—up(to the boss), across (among your peers), and down (to those you lead). The good news is that your influence is greater than you know.
Practice the disciplines of 360° leadership and the opportunities will be endless . . . for your organization, for your career, and for your life.

And here’s your quote riddle for today:

Figure it out and leave the answer in the comments section and you’ll be entered into a drawing for a great prize! And, check out my blog to find out about the $50 gift card I’m giving away!
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Make sure you visit this blog tomorrow for the next stop on the tour where you’ll find out what the Kids Zone is, the answer to today’s quote puzzle and yet another giveaway!


About the Author:

Lydia in AsiaLydia Howe (aka Aidyl Ewoh) is a twenty-something adventurous author who enjoys hiking in the mountains of Asia and South America, building life-size models of dinosaurs, taking road trips across Europe and cooking for large crowds.
Lydia grew up in a barn and has always dreamed of living in a tipi. She is trained as a John Maxwell coach and her passions include self-development and Christian apologetics. One of her life-long dreams was realized when her first book, Cave Secrets of the Pterodactyl, was published by Answers in Genesis in 2013. Find her online at her Blog, Facebook, Twitter,  Google+, Goodreads and Pinterest.

Action Kids' Club, by Lydia Howe

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  1. Like the title as you know right off the bat that this novel will be an adventure. Lydia is a remarkable woman with quite a history of adventure already behind her and ahead of her. Great role model for kids and adults. Great post!

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