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Newbery Challenge Update

download (3)I grew up reading Newbery books, and my writing has been strongly influenced by them. The Newbery is the highest American award given for children’s literature every year since 1922. These books helped cement my love of reading, fueled my choice to go into children’s education, and pushed me to try my own hand at writing. They taught me how stories work and gave me something to emulate.
A few years ago, I set myself the challenge to read them all. Asterisks and links to reviews mark the ones I’ve conquered. I’m up to 42. How many have you read?
Here are the Newbery honor books from 1990-1999, 2000-2010, and 2011-2020.

My favorites from earlier years:


Newbery Challenge Update

4 thoughts on “Newbery Challenge Update

  1. This a great list i’d love to copy. I’ve read many of the books, but not nearly enough. Read some as a teen and some to my daughter. Most as an adult. Would like to tackle this list and learn more about their writing styles.

  2. Holy moly, Michelle! What a great idea. I find that I’ve read most of the ones from the 90s (because of my own kids) and many earlier ones, but none since 2004! A challenge indeed. Thank you!

  3. Whew! I’m back from a South Carolina “research and recreation” trip. Gathered lots of info for my current book. I’ll do a post sometime. Anyway, yeah, this list is a great reading challenge, but I’ve been SLOW at conquoring it, lol.

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