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Chosen (Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy) by Barbara Ellen Brink

This is an unusual book to classify. I love that indie publishing allows for these unique books that don’t really fit into a comfortable niche, ones that publishers often reject for that very reason, no matter how well written the story might be. This one warrants a place on the virtual shelves.
Jael, named for the Old Testament slayer of Sisera, is a normal fifteen-year-old girl. At least, she wishes she was normal. But coming from an unsocial family living 30 miles into the dessert, she’s often teased about hiding out in a commune with lots of sister-wives. And none of the other girls she knows train three hours a night in martial arts. But one of her classmates, an Indian named Shadow with unusual skills, knows what she is. He learns before she does, and he puts out an alert that she’s been found. For Jael, though she doesn’t know it yet, was born to slay vampires.
I don’t normally read vampire novels, but Amish bloodsuckers? I had to find out. And the combination is certainly unusual. Jael’s parents have fled from an Amish community where bloodsuckers have taken over positions of authority.
I like that vampires are portrayed as evil. And I liked the unobtrusive statements of faith worked in a quiet odd moments. “Faith is never plain or simple, despite the life we came from and once knew. It’s a daily ritual of taking self and sacrificing it on the alter of obedience—trusting that the Creator knows what we need more than we do.” Good thoughts, though I’ve never seen them combined with slaying vampires before. It made me laugh, but it actually works in the story.
Despite Jael’s Amish background, the book isn’t really about religion. It’s about kicking vampire butt. And it was a pretty entertaining read. And pretty innocent. Not gory, but high action, no language, with a mild romantic element, though date rape is mentioned. However, one question did sort of bother me though the whole book. What’s the connection between the vampires and the Amish? True, they aren’t particular about their victims, but I never understood the reason they take over the Amish community and nowhere else. Because the Chosen One comes from the Amish line, I assume? If it gave a solid reason, I missed it.
Chosen is unique, clean, and appropriate for age 14+. I dare you to read it and not purchase the next one.
Kindle edition:
Chosen (Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy, 1)

Chosen (Amish Bloodsuckers Trilogy) by Barbara Ellen Brink

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