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New Freebies

Don’t hit deleted! This is an actual post!

Sorry about those two ancient posts that republished on my blog today. I seriously have no idea how that happened. I was cleaning out those old Emblazon posts, not revamping them! (I mentioned that I’m still learning the ins and outs of this new software? Sigh. It’s completely different from my old, free WordPress blog that I used for almost a decade!)

Along with my new web host, I’ve been trying some new sales strategies lately, now that my books have published on all major vendors, not just Amazon. A major part of that has been my newsletter. (Have you seen the subscribe buttons popping up all over my website?) Without Kindle Unlimited, that newsletter has been my main source of revenue this summer. It goes out every other week and includes Deals and Steals (free and discounted books I find in my genres–I do my best to make sure they’re PG-13), Current Promos, and a short blurb that highlights one of my books by relating some aspect of writing it. Feel free to sign up. (Oh, look! There’s a subscribe button right over there! –>) But don’t feel obligated. I’m really targeting newbies, not my longtime readers.

Pinterest is another strategy I’m trying to draw more traffic to my blog (and hence my newsletter and sales). I’ve been a pinning fiend lately, creating pins that point to some of my old content as well as some new. (The longevity of these pins WAY outperforms all other social media!) I put up three new “magnets” this week that lead directly to my newsletter. I’ll show you below. Subscribers enter my main queue through various “portals” (welcome sequences). Two route in through some middle grade interests; the other goes to the same place as that subscribe button in my sidebar.

So, heads up. I hope to be a bit more active on here in coming weeks, creating new content and linking it to Pinterest. (Eventually I’ll get proficient in this software!) I’m concentrating on three prongs to attract new subscribers: middle graders, writers, and general adult readers. Sound familiar? My posts won’t really change, except there might be some signup forms at the bottom of some, which you guys can ignore. But I did want you to be aware of the way my sales methods are currently evolving.

So far, so good! The last two months, I’ve been able to make up for most of the revenue I lost when I left Kindle Unlimited. My presence is slowly growing on other vendors, and the potential is greater. Hopefully, Pinterest will prove to be one more gateway to readers. Self-publishing is always an experiment!

Feel free to browse my updated Pinterest page. Or not. And here are those three new magnet pins. Looking good? 🙂 

New Freebies
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