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50 Ideas to Encourage Kids to READ

Getting kids to read can be tough. Life offers so many distractions—video games, sports events, and over-committed schedules. But learning to read and practicing those skills regularly are necessary to becoming a functioning adult. We glean information from written language everywhere—billboards, grocery ads, job contracts, mortgage agreements, traffic citations. Helping a child understand this should be foundational in our efforts to teach them. 

Turning non-readers into readers requires practice, practice, practice. Some simple ways to foster regular reading habits in your kids include setting an example, keeping a variety of reading materials handy, and limiting screen time. But that’s just the beginning! I‘ve created a list of 50 ideas to encourage children to read, based on my experience as an elementary teacher, home schooler, and parent. These are all ideas I used with my own children. Simple, but they work. 

Do keep in mind that despite our best efforts, we can’t turn every child into a willing reader. I raised three children. One devours every book she can get her hands on. But my boys, both of whom struggled with dyslexia, don’t enjoy reading to this day. Disappointing for an author, let me tell you! However, all the practice paid off. I couldn’t force them to love it; one would rather tinker with cars, and the other prefers to draw or paint. And, hey, I’m okay with that. Because they did learn to read at a proficient level. 

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