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5-Q Interview with Lars Hedbor

I haven’t posted a 5-Q interview since last year. It’s time I ended that streak. Joining me today is historical fiction author and Revolutionary War buff, Lars Hedbor. If you missed it, on Monday I posted a review of his novel, The LIght, which is the second book in his Tales of a Revolution series and his first […]

5-Q Interview with Author Christina Daley and GIVEAWAY

Today I’m talking with Christina Daley, author of Seranfyll and Eligere.  If you missed either of those reviews, click on the links.   Christina, I’ve been very impressed with the overwhelmingly positive messages in the Seranfyll series. I wonder if you’d share your inspiration for developing it. Oh, and please include how you came up with the […]

5-Q Interview with Author D. Robert Pease

Today I interview D. Robert Pease, author of the uniquely fun MG book, Noah Zarc.  If you missed my review yesterday, go back and read it! This story ranks high among of my favorites this year, and at 2.99, it’s a steal.  And now, Mr. Pease… 1.  This is your first book.  What road led you […]

5-Q Interview with Lois D. Brown

Today, author Lois Brown has graciously agreed to answer a few questions for my readers.  Here’s a link, just in case you missed my review of her excellent new YA thriller, Cycles. Lois, you’ve written extensively in the  nonfiction arena.  How did you decide to make a change to fiction, and how has your background played […]

5-Q Interview with Author Will Granger

Today I’m interviewing Will Granger, author of the Anabar Trilogy.  If you missed my review of Anabar’s Run (book one) yesterday, go take a look, then come on back for some insider details! Hi Will.  Thanks so much for agreeing to answer a few questions for us.  Anabar’s Run is the story of one boy’s journey to manhood.  […]

Author Gloria Whelan, and What I Did This Weekend

I just spent a beautiful weekend on Michigan’s Mackinac (pronounced Mack-in-awe) Island celebrating my fifteenth anniversary.  It’s located in the little-known Straits of Mackinaw, right where the state’s Upper and Lower Peninsulas meet, and in my opinion, there aren’t many places more beautiful in all of America.  The whole area is sparsely populated, with lots […]

5-Q Interview With Author Lisa Rivero

If you missed yesterday’s post, check out my book review of Oscar’s Gift: Planting Words with Oscar Micheaux, by Lisa Rivero.  You won’t want to miss this one.  Ms. Rivero has graciously donated a paperback copy for my readers.  Click here for giveaway details. Before reading Oscar’s Gift, I was not familiar with Oscar Micheaux. What inspired this […]

5-Q Interview with Author Elise Stokes

If you missed yesterday’s post, click here to see my review for Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula then zip on  back here for a few questions and answers with author Elise Stokes.  By the way, Ms. Stokes donated some Kindle editions of her book.  Click here for giveaway details. Have you always known you […]

Jules Verne (1828-1905), Author Biography

Before this year, I never read a book by Jules Verne. I read lots and lots of American and British classics for my English major, but Verne was French. I’ve been missing out! Since I’ve enjoyed two of his book this summer and added a third to my to-read list, I thought I’d learn a little more about him. […]

In Honor of Beverly Cleary

Today I’d like to pay tribute to one of the most accomplished, most celebrated, most beloved children’s authors in history.  Growing up, the name Beverly Cleary rolled off my tongue as easily as “Ronald Reagan” or “Michael Jackson”.  Everyone knew who she was.  And her characters – Ramona Quimby, Henry Huggins, Ribsy, Beezus and Ralph […]

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