Michelle Isenhoff

Ragesong: Awakening, by J. R. Simmons

I love surprises. I especially love good surprises. And I really, really like it when that good surprise turns out to be only the first of several. That’s the case for Awakening. I loved the book, and it’s the first of a series. Book two, Uprising, just released in June. I’m getting it. Since I’ve […]

Dream Warriors (Joey Cola, 1), by D. Robert Pease

I loved Noah Zarc, Mr. Pease’s MG trilogy. And I enjoyed his recent grown up fantasy, Shadow Swarm. But this is his best book yet. Just as Noah was a loose parody of the Bible story, so Joey has similarities to the biblical story of Joseph. If you’re familiar with those old favorites, I’ll let […]

Prince of Malorn (Annals of Alasia, 3), by Annie Douglass Lima

I came to this book in an unusual way. One of my children’s literature friends sort of “set me up” with this author. She recommended I read this book because the author and I write in a very similar literary style. I totally trust the judgment of my friend (hey, she likes MY work :)) […]

Weight of the Crown (Princess Kandake series, book 2), by Stephanie Jefferson

I have just two more Emblazon titles lined up to share with you. I’ve been trying to read one from every author, but I keep finding myself drawn into entire series. Such is the case here. I read Stephanie’s Princess Kandake last spring, when I was screening authors to join me in the Emblazon group. […]

Esperanza Rising, by Pam Munoz Ryan

I’ve reached the end of my Friday posts. Esperanza Rising marks the last of the content I wanted to save from my self-hosted site. I’ll now be posting only once a week again, as I’m almost finished writing Song 2 and I’d like to finish Song 3 before school ends.  Sometimes a book comes out that […]

Princess Kandake, by Stephanie Jefferson, 2012

Historical fiction is still one of my favorite genres, and Princess Kandake is a real treat. Stephanie Jefferson has created a strong teen female lead and set her within ancient Nubia. Kandake knows exactly what she wants, and she’s determined to go after it. Then life throws her a curve. How can she meet her obligations and […]

Gangsterland, by Ansha Kotyk, 2013

What if you got sucked into a story? I mean sucked out of your chair and into the pages? Jonathan’s life stinks. He has to move in with his dad, from sunny Phoenix to snow covered New England. His dad is never around. The school bully has it in for him. And he’s already managed […]

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