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Time for another castle fancy. This one is located in Bavaria, Germany, a setting I’d love to visit anyway. How hard would it be to drop in on this gorgeous castle while I’m there? You know I have to do it. Someday. That woods is calling to me, too.

Wikipedia said it was the inspiration for Disney’s Cinderella Castle. I can see it.


Look at that view!800px-Neuschwanstein_Castle,_Schwangau

Dunluce Castle

dunluceDunluce castleI haven’t indulged in a medieval castle image for a while. (I really need to get on Pinterest, don’t I?) This one is Dunluce Castle in County Antrim, Ireland, which dates to the Thirteenth Century. Isn’t it lonely looking? Can you imagine the pounding of the surf in a storm? What a great place to pack a picnic lunch, a blanket, and a good book–to be read after exploring the ruin, of course.

Above image from Shamrock Vacations. (I’d love to take their customized castle tour!!!) Below image courtesy of Deviant Art.

Kilchurn Castle, Lock Awe, Scotland

I have this infatuation with ruins, especially castle ruins, and especially castle ruins in Scotland and Ireland. Like books, they’re sort of a doorway to the imagination. They never fail to send my thoughts winging off into all sorts of fantastic directions. In fact, I have the barest bones of a fantasy idea I’d like to set in Scottish ruins some day, but that’s about three novels out. In the meantime, I’ll post a photo every now and then, just because they’re so very cool. (And just to make things bookish, I’ll call them inspiration.)

This is actually the image I trimmed as a header for my other blog. It’s Castle Kilchurn on Loch Awe, Scotland. My grandmother immigrated from Scotland as a small child; perhaps that spurs some of my interest. Regardless, this is an awesome image! If only the power company hadn’t built a tower in the background…

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