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Lightning Road Series, by Donna Galanti (book trailer reveal and giveaway!)

Earlier this summer, I read the first book in Donna Galanti’s Lightning Road fantasy adventure series, JOSHUA AND THE LIGHTNING ROAD. It just so happens that today Ms. Galanti is unveiling the trailer for book two,  JOSHUA AND THE ARROW REALM, which will be releasing on August 30th, so I waited to post my review […]

Tony the Phony and the Northern Woods, by T. Man

Today I’m part of a very special blog event hosted by T. Man, a 10-year-old author and homeschooler who has just completed his SECOND book! When T. Man was only 8, he partnered with his older brother, M. Man, on a special homeschool writing project that resulted in their first published book, Tony the Phony […]

Alora series, by Tamie Dearen

Today I have the honor of introducing you to author Tamie Dearen. I met Tamie last spring. We’re in the Clean Indie Reads group together. When she asked for initial proofreaders for book two of the series that features below, I had just finished up Ella Wood, so I volunteered.  (My mini-review: clean, compelling, hugely imaginative, and lovely. […]

Our Choose-Your-Own Story

What began as a winter homeschool project has turned into a published book! This interactive choose-your-own story is the creation of my sons. (I wrote “ghost wrote” the final copy for them, only I put my name on it, too.) It’s now available in paperback and Kindle (just 99 cents!) formats. So far, it’s been a hit. One […]

Character Book Club–With Tomato and Pea

Shhhh… Taylor Davis here. Yep, Taylor of Flame of Findul fame. Since today is Character Book Club over at The Secret Files of Fairday Morrow and Mrs. Isenhoff is busy homeschooling, I thought it was a perfect time to hijack her blog and sneak in an interview with wonder Smidges, Tomato and Pea. You may have seen their interview with me last month. The […]

Marketing Indie Middle Grade–Middle Grade Week

You made it all the way through our Middle Grade Week marathon! (Speaking of sporting events…anyone else addicted to the Olympics?) This is Sue’s final post. Hope this series has proved helpful. I’ll be getting back to normal around here soon…with a brand new middle grade book of my own hitting shelves very soon. If […]

Writing Indie MG–Middle Grade Week

Only two more posts left in Middle Grade Week. If you missed any, the links are directly below in the schedule. Yay! I’m in this one! *** This week is all about Middle Grade: writing it, indie publishing it, and especially marketing it! As you may know, reaching those elusive middle grade readers is tough, doubly […]

Sci Fi for the Middle Grade Set–Middle Grade Week

Yup, Michelle again. Still hanging with me? This is fun! Sue is doing all my blogging work! Seriously, she’s a whiz. I hope you learn something from her. She’s taught me a lot. If you missed any posts, the links are in the schedule directly below. Okay, on to day three of Middle Grade Week… […]

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