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Christmas Plays

Christmas Productions is a series of simple-to-produce Christmas plays designed for small churches or schools. Each one immerses viewers in a powerful story, often centered in Jewish New Testament culture, that clearly presents the gospel message and leaves no question about the true meaning of Christmas. Combined with suggested music (music included only when noted), estimated lengths range between forty-five minutes to one hour. Full reproduction rights are granted to purchaser of paperback versions (8.5×11) for use within purchaser’s organization.

Priced at $2.99 for digital copies and $9.99 for paper.

Shepherd's Surrender

About this play: Three Bethlehem shepherds return from their annual delivery of sheep to the temple for Passover. Samuel doesn’t believe the newly crucified Jesus was really the Messiah. His reasons date back to a very personal tragedy that accompanied his birth. A visit from the resurrected Savior, however, convinces him of the truth.

Christmas Revelation

Accompanying his sheep to overnight pasture, a father tells the story of their people to his son, illustrating God’s plan for a Deliverer. How surprised they are when, in the middle of the night, they are roused by an angel with news of His birth.

Lights of Christmas

About this play: A Judean family celebrates Hanukkah during the dangerous days of the first Jewish revolt. The family patriarch and witness to the death and resurrection of his older brother Jesus, explains to his grandchildren how the festival points to Messiah, who was born not to free Jews from Rome but to free all men from sin.

Three wise men following the star of bethlehem.

About this play: In a humorous blend of biblical and modern culture, an aspiring journalist named Luke is trying to break into the periodical, the National Scroll, with a fantasy Christmas article, but editor Liebowitz rejects it, demanding facts and authenticity. In a second attempt, Luke conducts four interviews to learn exactly what happened that first Christmas night. What he discovers changes everything.

Soldier's Christmas cover

About this play: In the Shenandoah Valley, in the midst of the American Civil War, the meaning of Christ’s birth and death are given greater significance to one rebel soldier after his life is spared by a friend who gave up his own.

An empty manger inside a cave under the star of Bethlehem.

About this play: In a very traditional take on the Christmas story, Mary’s father struggles to believe his grandson is the Son of God.

Born to take my place

About this play: After being freed from prison, Barabas takes upon himself the task of learning who took his place on the felon’s cross. His search leads him all the way back to the manger.

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