For Teachers

Teachers and librarians are VIPs! Here are a few things I do to roll out the red carpet:

  • Digital copies of all my books are available to teachers and librarians for free. Simply shoot me an email at misenhoff (at) hotmail (dot) com. Tell me what books you want and what format you want them in (mobi, epub, or pdf) and I’ll send them right out. Feel free to pass them around to your student’s devices.
  • My book listings include Lexile scores and convenient, downloadable MARC files that are compatible with most library systems.
  • Free downloadable lesson plans are available for many of my books. (See Classroom Resource Series below.)
  • I’m always available to interact with classrooms.


For your convenience, my paperbacks are available through Baker & Taylor, Ingram, and the Amazon and CreateSpace wholesale programs.

Contact me if you’re interested in bulk purchases. I’ll order them directly and apply a discount at these rates:

5-20 copies: $4 off per book
20+ copies: $5 off per book
Shipping charges apply. 

Virtual Classroom Visits (YouTube)

I only visit classrooms and libraries in southwest Michigan, but I’m working to make several virtual sessions available on YouTube.

Tip Jar

It’s tough for an independently published author to gain recognition without the support of a publishing house. It’s even more difficult to earn the respect of the literary community when so many indies produce substandard work. If you’ve been pleased with the quality of my books, would you let others know? Word of mouth is the best way to overcome those obstacles. I’d greatly appreciate any of the following:

  • Recommend my books to parents and students.
  • Direct other teachers to this site.
  • Leave reviews on Goodreads, Amazon, or any of the other bookish websites–or have your students do it.
  • Tweet
  • “Like” my page on Facebook.

Thanks so much for helping me spread the word!

Classroom Resources Series

Here’s a little help for teachers to get the most mileage out of my novels. Each book in my Classroom Resources series includes chapter by chapter discussion/study questions, vocabulary, social studies extension ideas, primary sources, and weblinks, all aligned with Grade Level Content Expectations and Common Core standards. Paperbacks are printed with handy 8.5 x 11 reproducible pages. Also available as complete downloadable pdf files.

The Color of Freedom: Classroom Resources 

Designed for use with historical fiction novel, The Color of Freedom.
Grades 6-9

Where to find it:

Links to additional materials: 

Painting of Paul Revere, by John Singleton Copley
Map of Boston, 1775, by Thomas Hyde Page
Printable, simpler map of Boston, 1775
Map of the countryside surrounding Boston
Primary source documents
Clothing of the 18th Century

The Candle Star: Classroom Resources 

CR Preview

Designed for use with historical fiction novel, The Candle Star.
Grades 5-8

Where to find it:

More lesson plans:
Anticipation Guide for The Candle Star (Pre-reading activity)
The Poetry of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow in the Civil War Era (Candle Star)
Map Skills–Using Primary Resources with The Candle Star

Blood of Pioneers: Classroom Resources  

Classroom resources Blood of PioneersDesigned for use with historical fiction novel, Blood of Pioneers.
Grades 5-8

Where to find it:

Links to additional materials:

Civil War Images by Matthew Brady
Text of the Emancipation Proclamation
Map of Michigan Counties 1873  (Click on Allegan County, pink one bordering Lake Michigan, third row up from the bottom.)
Michigan Railroad Map, 1876
Michigan 17th Infantry
Map of Michigan’s Indian Trails
Old Maps of the Erie Canal
Early Michigan Roads, canals, rails–Maps
The Panic of 1857
Civil War Generals
Civil War Medicine

Beneath the Slashings: Classroom Resources 

BookCoverImageDesigned for use with historical fiction novel, Beneath the Slashings.
Grades 5-8

Where to find it:  

Links to additional materials:

Collection of lumbering images
Michigan board feet
Brief logging history
Interactive maps of Michigan
Saginaw lumbering article from1868
Lumbering photo collection
Manistee history
Searchable war images
Lumberjack lingo
Civil War medicine
Logging fires
Song “I Wonder as I Wander”

The Quill Pen: Classroom Resources

Designed for use with fantasy novel, The Quill Pen.
Grades 5-8

Where to find it:

Song of the Mountain: Classroom Resources

song classroom resources

Designed for use with fantasy novel, Song of the Mountain.
Grades 5-8

Where to find it:


9 thoughts on “For Teachers

  1. KidLitReviews


    I hope you do not mind, but I “borrowed” your apple. I think it will look so nice on the sidebar of my review site. I thought I would link it back to this page, you know, in case anyone else would want an apple, especially teachers. I bet they do not get as many apples as they did in my day (no, I am not saying when that was, trust me, it’s true).

    If you should get any new varieties of apples and would like me to change or link this one, on my site, elsewhere, let me know. It is the least I can do, it is your apple.

  2. Stephanie@Fairday's Blog

    This is such exciting news- I feel like it is my birthday! As a teacher- I am thrilled. I so enjoyed Beneath the Slashings and have wanted to read the rest of the trilogy. I will definitely be passing on this information to other teachers! You are so kind and thanks for spreading the love. :) `

  3. Connie Rehfuss

    Michelle — being a homeschooler as well do you also provide your books to “home teachers”? Are your materials useable by the home educator? I ask because I am starting a blog/website for homeschooling families in the Portland Oregon region and would love to include a link to your site.

  4. rhettbigler

    What a GREAT idea. If it wasn’t for my 11th grade English teacher, I would never have been turned on to reading and writing. Thanks for doing this (and for giving me the idea to do it as well).


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