Michelle Isenhoff

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Travel back to the ancient Orient, when the world was young and newly touched by evil. Deep within the Huangshan Mountains, Song Wei—small, skeptical, and orphaned—finds his fate entangled in the folktales of his people. He must follow the path that killed his father. Semi-finalist in the 2014 Kindle Book Review Book Awards.

Skip to the coast of 1800’s New England, where Micah Randall discovers a pen that writes the future. Would you use it? What if every use caused unforeseen and increasingly unpleasant consequences? Awarded a 2016 Readers Favorite 5 Star Seal. Free exclusively for my subscribers.

Or join Taylor and his supernatural team on their wild adventures. Always a kid favorite, this snarky sci-fi story placed as a finalist in the 2015 kid-judged Wishing Shelf Book Award.

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