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What’s your favorite book turned movie?

My favorite book-turned-movie has to be The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe

I loved all of Lewis’ Narnia books as a child (and I still do), but that first one especially resonated with me.  I was in sixth grade the first time I read it, and I ate up the magic.  I wanted to live there.  I wanted to climb in Mr. and Mrs. Beaver’s lodge, and to take tea with Mr. Tumnis.  And of course I wanted to bury my face in Aslan’s mane.  I visited often.

By sixth grade, I also had an understanding of the allegory hidden beneath the surface of the story, and I appreciated the powerful illustration of love and redemption.  So when I heard that Hollywood was turning the book into a movie, I had some valid concerns.  I figured the story would be unrecognizable.  Was I ever wrong! 

I left the theater with chills coursing down my spine.  Not only was the film a very faithful rendering of the book, they created the Narnia of my imagination down to the tiniest details!   I purchase very few movies, but I bought this one.  I’m thrilled that my kids have developed the same love for Narnia that I have.  My one (huge) regret is that they are less likely to visit the pages from whence Narnia sprang.  To rectify this, I’ve been known to pop the books into the CD player on road trips.  I hope as they grow up they’ll find as much value in the books as in the movies. 

So, what’s your favorite book-turned-movie?