Michelle Isenhoff

classic literature for children

Socks, by Beverly Cleary, 1973, Book Review

Socks is written in true Beverly Cleary style. The cat for whom the book is named was the Bricker’s only pet, pampered, loved and a little spoiled. But his mistress’ comfortable lap began to shrink, and then one day Mr. and Mrs. Bricker brought home a new pet. One that wailed and smelled funny and stole […]

The War of the Worlds, by H.G. Wells, 1898, Book Review

reading I am Number Four by Pitticus Lore recently, I thought I’d go back to where alien sci-fi all began. Actually, I don’t know if that statement is entirely correct. There may have been earlier extra-terrestrial stories, but this is the big one, the one that has lasted and inspired scads of films and other books. The […]

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