Michelle Isenhoff


Paperbacks–So Last Century?

Lots of indie authors are getting in on the ebook craze, and why not? It’s affordable, doable, and just so cool to see your novel up on Amazon. But fewer authors, it seems, take the time to create a paperback version of their novel. I’m here to say, you’ve gone through all the trouble of […]

Indie Endeavors, Part 8: Should I Create a Paperback?

So you’re thinking of self-publishing?  Jump into my how-to series… Part 1: My Eight-Year Journey Part 2: Tradtional vs. Self-Publishing Part 3: A Word About Editing Part 4: Cover Images Part 5: What the Heck is an ISBN? Part 6: Publishing ebooks on Kindle Part 7: Why Publish ebooks on Smashwords? Creating a paperback version […]

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