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how to become self-published

Indie Endeavors, part 3 – A Word About Editing

So you’re thinking of self-publishing?  Jump into my how-to series… Part 1: My Eight-Year Journey Part 2: Traditional vs. Self-Publishing In my first post, I shared the path that led to my own decision to self-publish.  In my second, I briefly compared traditional and self publishing.  Now it’s time to get to the nitty-gritty.  How […]

Indie Endeavors, part 1 – My Eight-Year Journey

Last year, I choose to become an independently-published author (affectionately dubbed an “Indie”).  This year, I’m going make an effort to share some of my experiences with others who may be considering the same route.  Today, as my first post in this series, I’ll describe the eight-year road that precluded my own decision. Actually, I’ve […]

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