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Indie Endeavors, Part 7: Why Publish ebooks on Smashwords?

So you’re thinking of self-publishing?  Jump into my how-to series… Part 1: My Eight-Year Journey Part 2: Tradtional vs. Self-Publishing Part 3: A Word About Editing Part 4: Cover Images Part 5: What the Heck is an ISBN? Part 6: Publishing ebooks on Kindle Though Amazon (Kindle) is the busiest market for ebooks, it is […]

The Farewell Season, by Ann Herrick, 2011, eBook Review

Eric has always loved football. It’s his senior year, scouts are making phone calls, a college scholarship seems secure. So why can’t he work up any enthusiasm? Because his dad has always been so closely entwined with his game, and three months ago a drunk driver unraveled everything. His dad is gone. Ann Herrick does […]

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