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Bargain Ebooks

‘Tis the season to unwrap new Kindles!  For all those newbies who might be looking for inexpensive children’s ebooks, I’m starting a new category on my blog:  Bargain Ebooks.  I hope to contribute to it regularly during the next year, but to start off right, I’m going to list my favorites from 2011 in no particular order.  All of them are 3.99 or under!

Oscar’s Gift, by Lisa Rivero - a beautifully-written story about homesteading in South Dakota.  8-12  (my review)

Here Comes Mr. Trouble, by Brett Battles - fast-paced fun sure to please adventure lovers.  8-12  (my review)

Seranfyll, by Christina Daley - a fantastic world with lots of interesting characters.  12+  (my review)

Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula (book 1), by Elise Stokes - adventure series with a kid superhero.  10+  (my review)

Sea Cutter, by Timothy C. Davis - a high seas adventure with non-stop action.  8-12  (my review)

The Prize, by Lars D. Hedbor – a story within the American Revolution.  14+  (my review)

And of course my own books:

The Quill Pen - a fun fantasy.  8-12  (watch the trailer)

The Candle Star (Divided Decade Trilogy, 1)- Civil War historical fiction.  10+  (watch the trailer)

Broken Ladders (Divided Decade Trilogy, 2) - Civil War historical fiction.  10+ 

The Color of Freedom - Revolutionary War historical fiction.  12+  (watch the trailer)