Michelle Isenhoff

The Chronicles of Prydain

The High King (Chronicles of Prydain, 5) by Lloyd Alexander, 1968

I’ve so enjoyed this series. If you’ve never read it, check out my other reviews (scroll to bottom) then get thee to a library and check out book one. These are among the cream of the crop in children’s literature, and all five books are chock full of fantastic adventure and fabulous writing. They relate […]

The Castle of Llyr (Chronicles of Prydain, 3), by Lloyd Alexander, 1966

The Castle of Llyr didn’t win any awards, unlike several other books in the series, but it is my favorite one yet. Within, Taran Assistant Pig-Keeper fights not for kingdoms but for the life of his friend, Princess Eilonwy. Containing all the wisdom and adventure of the first two books, this one attains a depth greater […]

The Black Cauldron (Chronicles of Prydain, 2) by Lloyd Alexander, 1965

The wonderful group of companions that overcame danger and evil in book one of the Chronicles of Prydain return for a second bold adventure in The Black Cauldron. This time, Taran is called away by Prince Gwydion on a quest to seize the cauldron that belongs to the evil Lord Arawn. Within this vessel the […]

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