Tutorial: How to Sideload eBooks from Smashwords to Nook, Kindle

Smashwords.com is a great source for a free or inexpensive ebook downloads.  However, getting them from the website and onto your Nook or Kindle requires a USB connection and can be a bit tricky if you’ve never done it before.  This process is called sideloading, and both devices use a very similar method.  Here’s how to do it:

First, purchase your book through the site’s checkout.  Immediately afterwards, you will be given a link to the book’s page.  Click on it and scroll down to the listing of available formats.  (Nook is compatible with EPUB; Kindle needs MOBI.)  Click “download” beside the format you need.  A dialogue box will pop up asking if you’d like to open or save the file.  Click “save.”  Another box will pop up.  In this box, you can rename the file if you’d like, and you’ll certainly want to choose a destination so you can locate it later.  (I created an ebooks folder for this purpose.)  Click “save.”  If you forget to specify a destination and lose your new file somewhere in your computer, you can download again at no cost.  Simply return to the book’s page on Smashwords.

Now that you have successfully download your ebook to your computer, you must attach your USB cord to your ereader then plug it into your computer.  Your ereader will appear as an additional drive.  Next, simply locate your ebook and drag it into the documents file of your Nook or Kindle drive.

Viola!  You have sideloaded your ebook.  Unplug your ereader and happy reading!

Need more help?  Here’s a video tutorial for Nook.

4 thoughts on “Tutorial: How to Sideload eBooks from Smashwords to Nook, Kindle

  1. The video is simply a commercial. I still don’t see how to download books from smashwords to my Nook!

    1. Sorry you’re having so much trouble, Tracey. I just tried the link and only got “content cannot be found” messages. I changed it to a new tutorial from YouTube. Hope it helps!

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