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How to Download Ebooks from Smashwords, and How to Use Smashwords Coupons

So you’ve heard about the great deals on Smashwords and want to learn how to download an ebook.  Or perhaps you already have a Smashwords account but you’ve never used a coupon before.  This tutorial will address both, as they involve the same steps.  And the process for account holders and new users is also identical, save one step.
First, go to Smashwords.com and locate your title with the search box.  Scroll down and decide what file format will work best for you.  (Click here for help choosing a file format.)  But don’t sweat it.  All the formats will actually be available to you after purchase.  So you can click “buy” beside any of them and decide later.
If you are a new user, you now will be prompted to create an account, which involves giving your email address and choosing a screen name and a password.  (Ignore all the stuff about publishing your own book; publishing is optional.)  You will then be sent a confirmation email with a hyperlink back to Smashwords.  You must open this email and click on the link to activate your account.  Those who already have accounts, of course, skip this sign-up.
Next, a purchase page appears.  If you have a coupon, type it into the appropriate box and click update.  Your new price appears.  Everyone click “checkout.”  You will be given a link to your book.  Click it.
The next page lists file formats options again.  These are all available to you now.  You may download any format at any time.  The list will appear whenever you log in to Smashwords and click on your book’s page.
Notice that the first two file formats in the list (HTML and JavaScript) require no download.  They will open with your browser right on the Smashwords website.  If you don’t have a reading device or an app and will be reading on your computer, these are for you.  (Click here for more pc options.)  For any of the others formats, click on “download.”  A dialogue box will pop up asking if you’d like to open or save the file (or “save as,” depending on your browser).  Save your file.  Don’t forget to select or note its destination so you can locate it later.  If you forget and lose your new file somewhere in your computer, you can always download again.
You have now downloaded your ebook to your computer and can upload to your phone or reading device.  (For help sideloading to Kindle or Nook, click here.)  Happy reading!

How to Download Ebooks from Smashwords, and How to Use Smashwords Coupons
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