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5-Q Interview with Author Elise Stokes

If you missed yesterday’s post, click here to see my review for Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula then zip on  back here for a few questions and answers with author Elise Stokes.  By the way, Ms. Stokes donated some Kindle editions of her book.  Click here for giveaway details.
Have you always known you wanted to be a writer?  How did it come about?
Trixie Belden gave me the writing bug. I devoured that series in fifth grade, and then decided to write a mystery series of my own. I still have the first book, written on lined paper in pencil, a proud 150 pages front and back. I wrote a couple short stories for my high school newspaper and a couple more my freshman year of college, but then got caught up in the busyness of life and put my passion to write on the back burner. Twenty years and four kids later, I read an article about Stephenie Meyer and learned that she had written Twilight with three little boys underfoot.  Right then and there, I decided if Stephenie could find the time so could I. Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula is the result of that decision. It’s amazing what we can do when we put our minds to it.
What inspired the Cassidy Jones Adventures?
My husband lit that spark. After determining to write again, I couldn’t come up with any solid storylines, so he suggested we brainstorm. While throwing ideas back and forth, one of his struck me: a boy superhero whose senses, strength, and speed are radically enhanced. Needless to say, I loved the idea, with one stipulation: the superhero had to be a girl. Once the seed was planted, the story quickly unfolded.
You were once an elementary school teacher.  What was your favorite part of that job?  Was writing a natural outgrowth?
Though I adored my students, my favorite part of teaching–believe it or not–was writing lesson plans.  I taught at a small Christian school that had a very loose curriculum, which was wonderful for me since it allowed room to really let my creative juices flow and build a fun literature-based curriculum. Those years of teaching were a blast!
I wouldn’t say writing per se is a natural outgrowth of having been an educator, however, my desire to produce quality, age-appropriate literature is. My children are also a huge motivating factor in this regard.
When can we expect the sequel, Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift?
Cassidy Jones and Vulcan’s Gift will be released this fall and I can hardly wait! In book two, I develop one of my most favorite characters: Jason Crenshaw, Cassidy’s twenty-five-year-old neighbor who had decided that he never wanted to grow up. Plus the new super villain is awesome!
Thanks, Elise, for your time and for creating such a great series.  And also thanks for donating a few Kindle copies to my readers!
Click here to buy your own copy of Cassidy Jones and the Secret Formula.
Check out Elise’s website:  http://www.cassidyjonesadventures.com

5-Q Interview with Author Elise Stokes

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