The Color of Freedom, by Michelle Isenhoff

color of freedom2

Freedom Series

Meadow MacKenna hates the British. Turned off her Irish farm and forced to book passage to America as an indentured servant, she understands the rebel desire to throw off the yoke of King George’s rule. But is freedom worth the cost? Is it even possible?

When her new master turns abusive, Meadow disguises herself as a boy and flees. But she cannot outrun the political conflict. She’s moved by the courage, pride and determination of the American patriots, but their Puritan roots run deep. Will liberty apply to Negroes, to Quakers, to Jews–to Irish Catholics like her? Or will majority rule serve the majority? Perhaps the colonists had simply invented a new kind of tyranny. She cannot commit to such a cause. Neither can she prevent the war from claiming the souls of her father and the man she loves.

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