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Kindle e-Books for iPad, iPhone & iPod – Guest Post by S. W. Lothian

Today I have a guest post by fellow blogger and middle grade author, S. W. Lothian. It’s actually an abbreviated repost of his March 28 content, which ties in nicely with my last post, Using your Personal Computer as an Ereader. You can read Mr. Lothian’s original article here, and check out his blog and his new MG series. He also has some handy links to ipad and iphone/ipod apps in his right-hand margin. (Note: I have not read any of Mr. Lothian’s books, so this is not an endorsement but a reprint.) And now, S. W., take it away…!

Kindle e-Books for iPad, iPhone & iPod

Since launching Quest One. The Golden Scarab: The Quest Series for Kindle it’s been quite daunting knowing that my story is actually finally out there.  I’m constantly thinking of what the readers are thinking about my story.  Time will tell I guess.
Shortly after Quest One went live I ran a couple of introductory promotions aimed at getting my book out there for people to read, hopefully enjoy and recommend to others. During the promotions my book was downloaded many hundreds of times.  It was a very rewarding feeling knowing that my book was warmly nestled inside hundreds of Kindles in various parts of the world.
When I was discussing with a longtime friend that I’d published to Kindle the first thing she asked me was, “So how do I get a copy if I don’t have Kindle?”
‘Mmmmmm’ I thought …. This was something that I hadn’t even considered when I decided to publish by e-book.  I’d just assumed that non-Kindle owners would be on to it, that they would just know they had access to all these books.  But, as I now realize, there’s a stack of people out there who have absolutely no idea what a Kindle is, and those that do probably don’t have one.
We know that Kindles are popular and that this popularity is growing everyday … but in the grand scheme of things they aren’t anywhere near as widely used as smartphones and tablets.  I’ve heard stats that here in Australia there are way more smartphones than people (don’t quote me on that – but I’m sure a Google search would find some real stats to back it up).
I know that it’s as simple as downloading a free app to my iPadiPod and iPhone that lets me download and read Kindle books.  But, like my friend, I bet there are a lot of iDevice owners in this big world who don’t realize this is possible.  I’m guessing that there are probably (well certainly) squillions of potential e-book owners out there who have no idea they can read Kindle books on their smartphones and tablets … without even needing to buy a Kindle.
So now because of me, my friend knows that she already has the power to read Kindle books on her iPad and her iPhone.
She got the free app…. then….. she went to Amazon.com … then … she downloaded her first Kindle e-book … mine.
My guess is that now she knows what she can do she’ll be buying plenty more Kindle books.
So let’s educate the world – I’ve started the wave with a small ripple.
Tell everyone you see (including those that you squish with on the train or bus everyday) that they can Kindle without a Kindle.

Kindle e-Books for iPad, iPhone & iPod – Guest Post by S. W. Lothian

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