Sea Cutter in Paperback!

Today I’m celebrating!

I’ve been at this self-publishing thing for less than two years, so I don’t have a long history with any of my related friends and contacts. And despite the large number of indie books that have crossed my path during this time, I’ve recommended very few of them. Timothy Davis, however, was one of the first to contact me. Would I read and review his book, Sea Cutter? Of course I would.

And I did.

And I loved it.

So I read it with my boys.

And they loved it too.

Tim and I have kept in contact ever since, so when he let me know that Sea Cutter was going to print, I was thrilled! Then I saw the book and my jaw dropped. It’s gorgeous!

This story is one of my favorites. I’ve championed it before (read my review), but when I saw the hard copy, I had to help spread the word. My boys, ages ten and seven and true fans of “Mr. Davis,” wanted to help. Great idea! Since they’re the intended audience, their opinions should weigh more heavily than mine. Here’s what they had to say:


I know Mr. Davis is one of your favorite authors. Can you explain why?


Because we’ve emailed him and he emailed us back. And I liked his characters. Wayland is my favorite character because he loves Nat so much, even though Nat tells him lies.


‘Cause he writes good books. He can do a long book!


We read the Kindle version of Sea Cutter together last spring. What did you think when you saw the real book?


Cool! I like it better than the Kindle version because you can actually see the cover and hold it in your hands. It looks really cool!


I like the broken up ship on the cover.


Can you remember what happens in the story?


Nat wants to go to this one island [Perlas Grandes] because he thinks his dad is there, and his friend Wayland brings him. Wayland is an adult. But Nat lies a lot. And Wayland goes overboard in a storm.

He makes a nice friend named Paulo. And Snake is the bad guy.


What was your favorite part?


When they got thrown into the whirlpool of death!


The whirlpool of death!


Would you recommend this story to other kids your age?


Yes, because it’s full of adventure. You never know what’s going to happen next. And the ending has a great surprise.


Me too, because it’s a good story.



So there you have it, straight from the experts. If you want to hear more, M-Man also reviewed the book on his blog. And now, in a nutshell, the reasons I like Sea Cutter:

The instinctive good story-telling, the cliffhangers, the positive values and clean language, the adventure, the historical setting, the way it made my boys excited to read, the beautiful new look, and the excellent editing. This is one indie that matches the quality of the Big Six publishing companies.

And finally, the crucial question: Where can you get a copy? Don’t worry, I’ve got you covered!

Paperback – $8.98 US Amazon UK Amazon

Ebook – $2.99 Amazon Smashwords Barnes & Noble Apple KoboSony

20 thoughts on “Sea Cutter in Paperback!

  1. Great comments Michelle! Best of luck Tim! I love the cover and can’t wait to read Sea Cutter. I loved the interview, very entertaining and informative. Thanks!

    Paul R. Hewlett

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