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Bailey's Surgery

Bailey underwent a successful surgery this morning. The vet assured me she’s doing very well. She’ll be doped up pretty heavy until she comes home tomorrow afternoon. My girl is now a tripawed, but with any luck she’s also cancer free.
I think Bailey slept a little better than I did last night. Here she is in her favorite spot last evening after a final three mile walk on all four wheels. All that walking and food monitoring in November helped her lose six pounds! She’s got another few to go, but we’ll just focus on getting better right now. Thanks for all the thoughts and prayers. Leaving her at the vet this morning was one of the hardest things I’ve had to do. I can’t wait to bring her home and get on with the next five years.

Bailey's Surgery

7 thoughts on “Bailey's Surgery

  1. I am so happy to hear all went well with Bailey’s operation. I had a friend just lose two dogs to cancer. It is heartbreaking and I am so glad you do not have to go through this. I hope and pray you have a long, long time with Bailey left to live and she has great health until the end. Enjoy your doggy, she is one pretty girl. Before you know it, she will be running as fast as she did with four legs.

    1. Fast or slow, I bet my new three-wheeler still makes a great foot-warmer and bed-snoozer. The vet called again this evening and said she was already starting to get her balance when they took her outside.

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