Bailey’s Home!

Me and my girl.
Me and my girl.

Bailey is  home and adjusting to three paws very well. She looks a mess. The incision is naked and ragged, swollen and bruised. We’re keeping it covered with a towel because she’s cold with no fur, but also because it’s just plain hard to look at. She’s walking on her own. Her balance is still awkward, and it’s painful to watch. Honestly, she’s pretty pitiful. But she’s alert, and her tail just wags and wags. I think she’s very happy to be back with her people.

I’m camped out beside her on the floor with my Kindle and laptop. I plan to stay here a few days. She keeps plopping her chin in my lap and rolling over for belly rubs. Some things haven’t changed. She’s still trying to take her other duties seriously, too; I have to hold her down every time someone knocks on the door, and she was on high alert tonight when we were loading the dishwasher. (She’s the pre-wash cycle.) Thankfully, she lost those six pounds in November. She has seven more to go. So it’s mostly green beans and pumpkin for now. Sorry, Bailey.

She’s has to stay quiet and low till the staples come out in 10-14 days. (Yes, she has a lamp shade for when I’m not present.) After that she’s free to do what she wants. In the meantime, she’s chipper, she’s drugged and comfortable, and she can manage her outdoor business on her own. She’s doing better than I was the day after surgery! Now if the kitten would just leave her in peace..

I’ll keep you posted.

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