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Bailey's Doing Fabulously!


Time for another update on Bailey. Tomorrow will be two weeks since her back leg was amputated for cancer.

Healing up nicely, twelve days after surgery.

The first few days were a little tough. She kept looking back like where did it go? Mercifully, she did a lot of sleeping; the pain meds kept her pretty dopey. I bought a harness with a sturdy handle so I could steady her and help her up and down the steps at the door, but within days she had gotten her balance and was zipping along on her own.
After a week I began taking her up and down my road on a leash. She’s learned that if she trots a bit faster than normal, she keeps her balance better. Sort of like when you ride a bike. That means I have to jog to keep up with her. I “retired” to walking a few years ago, but I guess I’ll be getting back into running again. We’re going a little farther each day, working up our strength together. It’s the best way to work off her last few pounds and my holiday indulging. Here’s a short video of her hopping along.
Her wound is healing up nicely. The bruising is nearly gone, and staples came out Monday. The skin under her belly still hangs a bit from the swelling, but it should tighten up. When her hair finally grows back in, it should cover up all the ugly.
Bailey loves to watch for squirrels in the yard, but so much of her skin is shaved that she shivers and shivers. She stayed like this for an hour!

Bailey does still have a few challenges that she may or may not overcome. She can easily get herself downstairs, where we tend to hang out in the evenings, but not back up. We have to support her with the harness or send her around outside. She can’t jump into the car on her own, either. Harness again. (She’s back to going everywhere with me.) And she can’t manage the leap to the foot of my bed anymore, so when those big brown eyes come asking, I have to give her a boost. Other than that, she’s totally herself again. Remarkable!
Note: Ha! She made it up the entire flight of steps today, no problem!

Bailey's Doing Fabulously!

9 thoughts on “Bailey's Doing Fabulously!

  1. Good job Bailey (nice Christmas tree and train track 😉 )! I think you got your pal back to 99.999999999999999999999999999999999999999999% what she was before the surgery and cancer! 🙂

  2. Glad to hear it. I had a feeling. Having only seen three-legged dogs, I knew that she would be able to get around out and about without much problem. Didn’t think about the climbing obstacles, but pleased to hear she made it up the stairs. Maybe you can get those pet steps for your bed 🙂
    Hope the holidays are shaping up nicely for you.

    1. I’ve thought about those pet stairs, but that would make me “one of those people,” wouldn’t it? 🙂 But she is heavy. Maybe I’ll pull up the ottoman.
      Have a Merry Christmas, Paul!

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