Taylor Davis–Character Sketches

I’m done! I finished my new novel, Taylor Davis and the Flame of Findul. I’ll be sharing a bit about my journey each Wednesday until it’s published at the end of April. First, let me introduce the characters:

Taylor Davis, age 13

When his dad lands a new Taylorjob in the Dominican Republic, Taylor tries everything to stay in New Jersey. Lacking the athletic skills of his brother and the intellectual abilities of his sister, he figures there was no better way to turn his life into a complete failure than moving to unfamiliar territory. And on the island, he’s the only one of his skin color–sunburned red.

But someone, somewhere has chosen Taylor for a special assignment. Long ago, the Tree of Life had been tucked away from the reach of humans. Over the ages, the weapon that guarded it–the Flame of Findul–had been allowed to burn out. Now this security breach threatens the entire world. For if the tree is destroyed, it will bring about the end of life on Earth.

This is the face Taylor pulled when he learned he was the one who must locate the missing forge of Findul the firesmith and relight the sword.

Elena Cartahena, age 13

ElenaBut Taylor need not face the challenge alone. Chosen to accompany him is a young lady of mixed ancestry, a kick butt cowgirl from Montana. A full head taller than Taylor, Elena is lean and athletic and unafraid to speak her mind. After a very abrasive introduction, Taylor isn’t at all sure he wants her along.


MikeTwo angels have also been chosen to accompany the children. The first is Mike, an angel choir flunkie with an eccentric personality. Mike likes to dress in honor of some of Earth’s greatest musicians–a habit that earns him Taylor’s scorn. Their relationship suffers further when Mike runs away and hides during their first confrontation with the enemy. The angel’s one redeeming virtue, an amazing aptitude for research and technology, may not be enough to earn back Taylor’s respect.


RanofurRounding out the foursome, Ranofur’s military training, unruffled demeanor, and common sense keep the mission on track. But is his strength enough to hold the team together?

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