Quick Announcement

Thought I’d let you know about a big ebook sale going on today with the Clean Indie Reads author group I’m part of. It’s not necessarily children’s lit, but our motto is “Flinch-Free Fiction.” No graphic sex, violence, or excessive language. With over 400 authors, we have lots of genres and styles to choose from (including YA and MG). Many of them are free and .99 today only. Might be a good opportunity to try something new or add titles to your Kindle on the cheap. Click on the image to land on the sale page.

clean indie reads sale

5 thoughts on “Quick Announcement

    1. I’ve enjoyed all four of Lia London’s books–particularly “The Gypsy Pearl.” I also love all four of Lars D. Hedbor’s adult historical fiction. He’s got one listed. I recently read “Kibble Talk” by Cynthia Port as well. Hilarious! Very MG. I’ll be featuring it on my blog in a couple weeks. But I’m afraid I haven’t ventured into any genres besides children’s and history.

      Yup! Fire on the Mountain is in print: http://www.amazon.com/dp/1497467101/ Yay!

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