Quest Adventure


Happy New Year from all the Authors in the Ultimate Reading Quest!

What is the Ultimate Reading Quest? It’s the brainchild of teacher and MG author Sharon Skretting–a unique choose-a-book experience that I found myself a part of. Sharon runs the Quest Teaching blog, that seeks to equip teachers to use literature in the classroom. I’ve contributed several lesson plans and classroom ideas over the past year. So when Sharon put together this fun event, several of my books were included.

This is the second Quest. I was too busy last year to take part, but this year it’s bigger and better. Here’s your chance to fill your ereader with titles that match your tastes. It’s sort of a treasure hunt where you track down your “perfect” book by clicking on a series of choices. A golden cache of books is waiting to be discovered! Participating authors are also giving away oodles of prizes.

Enjoy your journey as you travel through the QUEST! Don’t forget to enter the raffle on the first page. And don’t hesitate to leave comments or questions for the authors. We’d love to hear from you. What are you waiting for? Click on the button above or below to get started on your QUEST for the next ULTIMATE READ!


5 thoughts on “Quest Adventure

  1. Sounds like a lot of fun for readers searching for new titles. Glad to know you’re participating. Sounds like the books are ones you download. Have a great writing year. Waiting for your upcoming releases.

    1. Thanks, Pat. It should be out around spring break. Though I tried to get it out sooner, I’ve found that doubling the word count actually triples the time, especially for historical fiction with all its research. I’ve written the first half and spent Christmas doing a solid edit so I’m in good shape to finish the rough draft. Second half should go quicker. Whew! 🙂

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