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Taylor Davis Serial Adventures

Yes, after announcing yesterday that I’ll be posting less frequently, I’m back already with big news to share! Taylor Davis is releasing as individual episodes!
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Clash Episode 1 Clash Episode 2 Clash Episode 3 Clash Episode 4 Clash Episode 5 Clash Episode 6
My Taylor Davis series has been something of an enigma. When I poll kids familiar with my work, it’s almost unfailingly cited as their favorite of all my books, yet it is my worst selling series. My only explanation for the difference in sales is that my other books, particularly my historical fiction, are being picked up by adults who aren’t necessarily buying for kids. Of course, kids aren’t buying for themselves. So my everlasting question is, how do I get this book in front of parents? A tough one, since most parents purchase through schools, and traditional publishers still have a stranglehold on school markets. In other words, all school-related outlets are absolutely closed to indie authors.
So releasing each individual episode is my newest idea to get Taylor in the hands of kids. Since the humor and action are so ideal for reluctant boy readers, I decided to make the length reluctant reader-friendly, as well.
Both Taylor Davis books were originally written in six 10,000-word episodes for Amazon’s new-at-the-time serial program. But Amazon wasn’t interested in children’s serials, so I ultimately released them as a two full-length novels. While the novels will remain available, I am releasing each individual episode as a separate book in a perfect size for youngsters who may be intimidated by the complete work. New bright covers have the same quirky kid-appeal as the text. And the price for each is absolutely as low as I can make it.
All six episodes of Taylor Davis: Flame of Findul are now available in digital and paperback. Taylor Davis: Clash of Kingdoms will be finished soon! Book one is currently in production as an audiobook, but each episode will also be released as a separate audiobook. Book two is pending.
You can find blurbs and links to the entire series here. Or grab Episode 1 now. It’s FREE!

Findul episode 1Taylor Davis: Flame of Findul, Episode 1

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Taylor Davis Serial Adventures

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  1. What a great idea. Good luck with this! I enjoyed this book too and think kids would love it in this format. Let us know how it does.

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