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From the Emblazon newsletter…

emblazonOur new Emblazon catalog is here!

Do you have children between 9 and 14? Let us help you turn them into lifelong readers. 
The Emblazon authors have been hard at work this year adding to our fine collection of tween literature. We’re nearing 100 titles! Now, just in time for the gift-giving season, they have been collected in one convenient location. 
Our winter catalog has a brand new look, with titles listed by genre, blurbs, Lexile scores, and live Amazon links. (Links to additional retailers can be found on the Emblazon website.) We’ve made shopping for your young reader so easy! Take a few moments to browse our great selection.

To view or download our catalog,
please click the link below:

Winter 2015-2016

Merry Christmas!
And thanks for browsing Emblazon books!

From the Emblazon newsletter…

2 thoughts on “From the Emblazon newsletter…

  1. What a great catalogue. Didn’t realize you had written a series of short chapter books of Taylor Davis for reluctant readers! What a great idea! And a new cover for The Quill Pen.

    1. You must have seen the Taylor shorts in my sidebar, Pat, because they didn’t make the catalog, lol. The shorts are the same two Taylor novels. They’re just broken into the original serial episodes. A lot of people don’t realize the series was actually written as a serial and then combined into complete novels.
      I LOVE Mikey Brook’s new cover for Quill Pen!

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