Blood Moon (Ella Wood, 2) Cover Reveal!

Time for an update and a cover reveal. It’s mid-January and I’m into the final third of Blood Moon, sequel to last year’s Ella Wood. I’m still planning a May release date. In the meantime, anyone who leaves a review of Ella Wood on Amazon or Goodreads between now and May AND emails the link to me at misenhoff (at) will receive a free Kindle copy of Blood Moon as soon as it releases!

Here’s the new cover alongside book one, and below is the blow-up. I figured if Hollywood can do period movies with modern makeup, I can too. 🙂 I’ll share blurbs and interesting research tidbits and such in a few weeks. If you want a sneak peek, you can browse my Blood Moon Pinterest board.

Ella Wood cover blood moon
blood moon

9 thoughts on “Blood Moon (Ella Wood, 2) Cover Reveal!

  1. I love the title BLOOD MOON. I like the cover, but wondered about the make-up. I look forward to reading the upcoming sequel. Will have to read Ella Wood again so it is fresh in my mind. I hope you’ll have copies for purchase. You know me. Keep writing! 🙂

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