New Release! Jack (Ella Wood Novella, 2)

Since I wrote the Ella Wood novellas faster than I anticipated, I’ve moved up their release dates to one month between releases, not two. Which means Jack (book 2) comes out today!

Jovie (book three) will release September 25, thought it is available for pre-order now.

Lizzie (book one) released July 25.

Each of these novellas will remain on Amazon until Halloween, but they’ll be available permanently in the Ella Wood Novellas boxed set, which releases the same day as Jovie and is also currently available as a pre-order.


Keeping secrets is a lonely business when they’re as dangerous as Jack’s.

For the better part of a decade, Jack has lived a double life. To all appearances, he’s the spoiled heir to one of Charleston’s wealthiest plantations. But his life would be forfeit and his family in jeopardy if anyone knew what he’d really been up to. He’d be shunned from polite society if anyone guessed his plans for Ella Wood. So he maintains his lonely façade, with no realistic hopes of marriage and only slaves to confide in.

When war comes to Charleston, Jack enlists in the South Carolina infantry. But military service brings him into contact with a beautiful and unlikely confidante. Will his dreams for Ella Wood outlast the war? Will his new love?

2 thoughts on “New Release! Jack (Ella Wood Novella, 2)

  1. That’s great! Just returned from South Carolina a few days ago. Carried Emily and the characters with me and shared your books with many relatives. If you had been way out in the middle of no where, like I was most of the time, you’d be wondering how did they live in such a densely forested area. And, the insects. Many people I met in the community had generations of their families connected to the civil war.

    1. Pat, that’s so cool that you could think of and enjoy my characters during such a difficult trip. I’m glad they provided you some inspiration. And thanks for sharing them! Hope you had a really meaningful time with family.

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