New Release! Jovie (Ella Wood Novellas, 3)

Jovie released today, and with it, my Ella Wood series has come to an end!

Like the other two novellas, Jovie will be available individually until Halloween. After that, it will only be available in the boxed set. (Because, even though the boxed set is priced the same as the sum of the originals, I keep twice as much of the profits due to Amazon’s pricing/royalty schematic.)

If you missed the other novellas or the main trilogy, I’m going to send you over to my trilogy page that has all the blurbs and links. But since we’re celebrating Jovie today, I’ll post that info below.

Alone in enemy territory, anonymity means the difference between life or death.

After taking a bullet at Gettysburg, a clever maneuver lands Jovie in a Northern hospital instead of a POW camp. Staying alive means remaining unidentified. But when a devastating amputation claims his leg, Jovie loses the will to live. His best friend died at Antietam a year ago, and the woman he’s loved since childhood has made it clear that she doesn’t return his affection. Why not just blurt out his secret and let it claim his life?

A chance encounter with a Confederate spy offers him new purpose, and the rush of their subterfuge distracts him from despair. But adrenaline is a poor substitute for hope. Despite her refusal, Jovie just can’t forget the woman he still loves. Will he find the courage to renew his pursuit despite his disfigurement? Will it be enough to bring him home?

In this game of chance, will he even live long enough for it to matter?

3 thoughts on “New Release! Jovie (Ella Wood Novellas, 3)

    1. At the moment, yes, they are unavailable, but I’m in the process of pulling them out of Amazon’s Kindle Unlimited program. Candle Star just finished its run first. Book 2, Blood of Pioneers, will be available on Nook before the end of this year (term ends Dec. 27). But book 3, Beneath the Slashings, has to wait until February until it’s KU term is finished. I’ll get it up on Nook then. Thanks so much for asking!

    2. Oh, actually, if you’re asking about the Ella Wood series (not the Divided Decade series of which Candle Star is a part) those are only available on KU with no immediate plans to remove them. Sorry! I just can’t move the series well without KU. 😦

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