Provocation (Recompense Prequel) Blurb and Cover Reveal

Provocation, the FREE prequel that will kick off my new Recompense series, will be releasing in early November! I’ve been hinting at it since July. Today, I’m revealing the cover and the blurb for the first time. I’ll let you know as soon as it’s available. Soon!

Isn’t it gorgeous? Credits and kudos to Steven Novak.

Opal Parnell has grown up on the rocky shores of Tidbury Bay, where winds and waves and freezing winters have carved the world into something wild and beautiful. It’s so far out of the way that strangers need a reason to come here. But beyond her safe harbor, the North American Republic has been plagued by an epidemic of disappearances. There are no crime scenes. No bodies, no evidence, no motives. Thousands have gone missing without a trace. And eventually, tragedy finds Tidbury.

Plagued by guilt for the part she played in her sister’s vanishing, Opal sets out to find her. She stumbles onto evidence that suggests the disappearances aren’t as mysterious as the media would have her believe. Meanwhile, the crisis causes power shifts and corruption that reach into the upper echelons of government. Beneath Opal’s feet, Tidbury is changing forever.

What’s happened to the missing? Who’s covering up the truth? And will the Republic survive the upheaval?

9 thoughts on “Provocation (Recompense Prequel) Blurb and Cover Reveal

  1. Love the cover — it’s slick. Wow, you got me with the blurb. Is this for young adult readers and YA?

    Haven’t been able to read the novellas because my husband somehow lost his library on his iPad. Apple delieted his apps when he was having some problems. Trying to work it out. I’m bummed.

    1. Thanks, Pat. Steven did such a beautiful job on the cover. I’m thrilled. And I’m so glad the blurb works! Seriously, those are harder than the novel. Yup, it’s young adult. YA dystopian, actually, but it’s more relational than techy/sci-fi.

      I’m glad Ward got his library back. That would be so disappointing! But I’m sorry to hear he’s in the hospital. Tell him I’m sending thoughts and prayers!

    1. Hope you enjoy them. I like Jack the best. I just reread Lizzie, looking for some typos one of my proofreading friend said she found but then lost when her Kindle died. (I found three or four and got them corrected and reuploaded four days ago.) Those were fun to write. Fun to explore those secondary characters. But while I was rereading Lizzie, I was thinking it’s just not as engaging as the full-length novels. Those were my first tries at shorts, and I found it’s really difficult to cram a complete story into 1/5 of a novel. Curious to hear what you think. I’ve spent a lot more time crafting this new dystopian short, studying structure, turning points, etc, and going over an over and over it to make sure it all works. First of series, I want to get perfect so people read on!

      1. Thanks! I’ll tell Ward. He’s actually been reading Lizzie and like it. I can’t wait to get him home so things can settle down. You’d think I’d be catching up on my reading, but it’s not happening. Too much going on. I find writing a synopsis very hard when reviewing a book. Many times I use the book jacket –which lacks in detail.

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