Provocation is here…

PROVOCATION has hit the virtual shelves, and it’s free for the taking!

Available exclusively on Instafreebie.

PROVOCATION kicks off my new dystopian series. Watch for RECOMPENSE, book one, coming to Amazon January 25, 2018. Thereafter, a new book will release every 4-6 weeks until the series reaches its conclusion.

Let’s get this series started!!

**New to Instafreebie? Here’s how to claim your book:

Grab the Instafreebie app. Sign up for an account. Then make sure you have an e-reading app on your device. (I recommend Kindle.) When those are in place, come back to this page and click on the link. Claim your book from my landing page and it will automatically appear in your library when you open your Instafreebie app. From there, you can choose what e-reading app to direct it to. If you choose Kindle, it will open automatically.



2 thoughts on “Provocation is here…

  1. Hey there,So I can’t figure out this instafreebie.  I downloaded the app but it doesnt let you search for your book? Is there another source to get Provocation?  Thanks! Kista

    Sent from my Galaxy Tab A

    1. Oops, that was partly my fault. I had the author link in the post. I just changed it to the reader link. Once you have an account, just click on the link in my post. It will send you to my book. Claim it, and it will automatically be added to your library. Then you can open it in whatever reader app you use. (I’d highly recommend the Kindle app. It will automatically open there if you have it.)

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