Cover(s) Reveal, Series Update, and Giveaways!

I’m getting SUPER EXCITED for my Recompense series release. It’s coming up quick!! Short update: PROVOCATION (prequel novella) has had tremendous success. If you haven’t grabbed a copy, it’s free. Today I get RECOMPENSE (book 1) back from my editor. A few last tweaks and it will be ready for its January 25 release. Yesterday I flew past 80K in BETRAYAL (book 2). It will be finished by Christmas. After rewrites, it will go to my editor in mid-January and be ready for a February 25 release. I will start RETRIBUTION (book 3) the day after Christmas and spend all of Jan/Feb writing. Hoping for a March 25 release, but this will be the tightest one. Not sure if I can get rewrites and edits done in time. If not, two more weeks should do it. And ABDUCTION (book 4) is already 85% written because it’s a full-length prequel. I wrote it before I released PROVOCATION to get the details square between the two. It will come out one month after book 3. Whew! A fun challenge! (I’m contemplating a book five… I’d need three months.)

Okay, I said cover(s) reveal, didn’t I? I might as well reveal them all officially because I’ve already put them all over my blog. Here are all of them except book 4. I think they look pretty darn good together! (Credit: Stevan Novak)

Provocation_CVR_SML  Recompense_CVR_LRG  Betrayl_CVR_LRG  Retribution_CVR_LRG

Finally, I have two more promos to share with you. The first one’s very classy. (My participation in these is how I’ve gotten PROVOCATION in the hands of nearly 1000 readers in a month.) The second, well, be choosy. Anyway, all the books are free!



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